The Importance Of Healthy Sperm

The Crisis in Sperm Health

Are you aware of the massive impact unhealthy sperm may be having on your ability to conceive? Let me give you some facts about male infertility that honestly just blow me away. Statistics show that at least forty percent of infertile couples there is a male factor contributing to the challenge of conceiving. And over the past fifty years, researchers confirmed a huge reduction around fifty percent in male average sperm count, which means that the quantity of sperm has actually decreased massively. And in that same time frame, the number of sperm carrying some form of abnormalities has become twelve times greater. I think it is really also so important to mention that poor sperm quality is a major factor in increasing miscarriage rates and development of problems in babies.

Toxins and Sperm

Toxins and sperm are not friends. Toxins also significantly affect fertility in men and the health of their sperm. Guys that have been exposed to toxins have more chances to have low sperm count than those who never had contact with chemicals. It is also vital to mention that poor sperm quality can be a major factor in increasing miscarriage rates and the development of problems in babies. For these reasons, it is considered extremely important to remove toxins toward the man’s body in preparation for pregnancy and giving optimal sperm health. It is vital for men to embark on fertility detoxification before conception, to provide the healthier sperm possible for successful and full-term pregnancy.

Fertility detoxification is a gentle process designed to ensure optimal nutritional status, remove stored toxins and encourage the development of healthy reproductive tissue. Research in a case that preconception cleansing programs can contribute to the optimal sperm and a reduction in miscarriage. Let’s look at what you can do right now to improve your sperm health and increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

Sperm Health and Male Infertility

Male infertility is no joke. It is a problem that does not get very much press. Even though the rate of male fertility has fallen by over thirty percent between just 1999 and 2005. And worse than that the percentages of sperm with serious deformities has risen by over thirty percent in the same time.

The testicles need to be 35 or  36 degrees Celsius; that is about 96 degrees Fahrenheit. And that is at least one or two degrees cooler than body temperature. Simple choices like tight pants, long saunas, or heat from for machinery can all contribute to sperm damage. So if you are serious about having children that are healthy, children that can have healthy children of their own, children that can outlive you, then you need to get your sperm sorted out. Luckily, it is not too hard to get it all turned around. In as little as three months you can have fresh, undamaged sperm that will make strong, healthy children.