Judicial Watch FOIA on Gardasil Vaccine

In May 2007, Judicial Watch submitted a request to the FDA under the Freedom of Information Act for all records concerning Merck’s new anti-HPV vaccine, Gardasil. Analysis of the records shows:

Gardasil is a prophylactic vaccine and will not treat pre-existing HPV infection. It is not a cancer vaccine or cure.

Gardasil is marketed as a vaccine that prevents cancer, but it “ . . . has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.”

Gardasil is not 100% effective against all HPVs. It is designed to protect against only four strains of HPV, even though there are over thirty strains including at least fifteen that can cause cancer.

While Gardasil is the most expensive vaccine ever to be recommended by the FDA, its long-term effectiveness is unknown and could be as brief as only two to three years.

During testing, an aluminum-containing placebo was used. Aluminum can cause permanent cell damage and is a reactive placebo, unlike most standard saline placebos. This means that tests of Gardasil may not have given an accurate picture of safety levels.

Note that the last excerpt above points out a devious tactic of pharma trials, in that rather than using a neutral real placebo, they simply add known neurotoxins like aluminum in this case which are also in the vaccine and cause many of the same adverse side effects, simply to skew the results to make the actual vaccine seem less toxic

Link to the Judicial Watch report.

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