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Opinions are not facts, and every statement by Reiss above is a demonstrable lie.

Reiss second technique, repeated thousands of times, is to denigrate the medical expertise of anyone who stands in her way.

Reiss argues against parental control over medical decisions for their kids, and comes out in favor of suppression of free speech

In that case, [Reiss says] the parents are “anti vaccine whack jobs,” ”liars,” grifters, or just plain soft brained, easily swayed morons.

Our right of informed medical consent is under heavy assault by well financed, ruthless special interest groups. Their tactics include vilification of innocent parents, heavy handed propaganda campaigns, and the use of ersatz experts [sic] like Reiss to spread their agenda.

Character assassination; psychological profiling; and out and out lying are all part of the game plan.
[above from body of article, below from it's comments]
She is using that false premise as the springboard for both mandatory vaccination and for suing the unvaccinated. We need to scream from the rooftopswith proof of vaccine damagethat she is lying, and that we cannot trust a single word she says, EVER. It might also be worthwhile to send proof that she made this statement, and proof that there IS vaccine damage to her employer, as this crosses the line on par with Holocaust denialism and hate speech

I was remarking on the superficiality of her knowledge in relation the vast repertoire of retorts she has. It is like a highly trained foot in the door salesman.

She is in fact most often shown up if the answers arent removed. I think it points to the sheer difficulty that the industry has, even with unlimited funds, of putting trolls into the field who can answer effectively. They seem to have unwrapped Dorit as their main weapon.

It boggles the mind that any antivax person who stands up for their beliefs are shot down in flames because they are not a doctor or scientist yet this expert who has no qualifications thinks what she says is believable! Get real nothing but a nasty misinformed troll!

Whenever I read comments byReiss .. I immediately conjure up the image of Baghdad Bob .. reassuring the people of Iraq that Saddams Revolutionary forces had routed the invading American army. Just like Dorritt .. Baghdad Bob was entitled to state his OPINIONS .. but .. the FACT .. at the very moment he was appearing on Iraqs state-run television station .. the American tanks were already rolling .. unstoppable .. throughout the city of Baghdad.

What I find interesting is how Reiss discredits medical doctors for not understanding science/medicine. Shes a JD, right? So, wheres her authority to decide what a doctor/scientist/etc. knows or doesnt know?

I find her legal arguments the most frighteningShe must be paid to write these things. There is no other explanation. You cant take a Constitutional Law class and walk away believing what she claims to believe.

It is easy to expose Reiss and her traveling troupes agenda given a fair playing field, but when the moderators delete comments and whole threads that are headed in the wrong direction, the debate becomes a fixed game. Thankfully, their statements are so outrageous that even with abundant censorship of opposing statements, they show themselves as liars.

Its super trolling of course. This lady [SIC] has been at this less than a year, it isnt her specialist area and shes got an answer for everything. Its putting out superficial answers which sound knowledgeable in industrial quantities.

There is a question how it is done. Most likely there is specialist technology and more than one person, although no doubt the main piggy is the lady [SIC] who is assistant professor of law (albeit not a lawyer) at Hastings.

Link to article containing above set of excerpts: The Media Pigpile on Families of Vaccine Injured Children. Note that the excerpts are both from the body of the article as well as from the comments section


Alrighty then. Our very first target in our campaign is a person named Dorit Reiss. For anyone unfamiliar with pharma shills and trolls, the above and following excerpts provide a small glimpse into her grievously infamous misconduct.

After perusing this, click on the link to the page about Reiss for further information, or just go directly to the page listing her contacts if you might care to express your opinion to Dorit, or especially to her superiors/coworkers


Below is a second set of excerpts from another article

In other words, Reiss doesnt give a rats behind about the truth or science or the anyones kids. She is a lawyer working for a client. She will fling any mud that will stick. Dont expect decency.

She is all about holding a party line, there is nothing honest about her. I have to say I am not surprised she is a paid troll funded by the CDC and Pharma.

Reiss is neither clever nor are her arguments plausible. She is merely a lowly garden variety snake with credentials. Lawyers are trained to provide a vigorous defense to anyone, innocent or guilty, including the most heinous criminal, with whatever argument or legally allowed tactics will work. Thats all shes doing. Shes just doing it outside of the courtroom in the court of public opinion and politically, without a judge and opposing attorney to challenge her lies and tactics that would be found within a courtroom.

I dont think her arguments are clever eithershe just does what lawyers do, express the ideas that bolster her case, while ignoring the ones that dont, without regard to the truth of the matter, regardless of the millions of lives at stake.

I cant find anything honorableabout Reiss. she is defending the indefensible, working against the public good, and is being deliberately obstructive, aimed at creating chaos and blocking the establishment of civility and justice for the injured

Specious defence of the independence of Voices for Vaccines (a pharma/CDC front operation with or without funding), specious defence of the medical industrial complex and agency capture, specious pretence of being in favour of free speech while trying get opponents banned from the mainstream media, specious resort to bureaucratic doubletalk when denying that vaccines cause autism, specious claims about the safety of thimerosal, specious claims about Anrew Wakefield, specious defence of Paul Offits entanglement with the ACIP and rotavirus vaccine.

None of it stands up, none of it bears scrutiny

Dorit is now in the middle of day three of a twitterthon on the #CDCvax hashtag. I have asked her about 15 times, how she, a law professor [with a family], can spend several days [24/7] straight on twitter, but she wont answer [because she's a front for a pharma shill mill].

The full definition of sophism according to Websters is: a clever and plausible but fallacious In my humble opinion .. Dorit is the perfect example of a sophist .. and .. as an associate professor of law at UCLA Hastings .. her students would be better served by a professor not expert in sophistry .. where the truth is too easily distorted

The old expression Laughing all the way to the bank comes to mind.

Link to article containing above snippets (from the comments section at the bottom of that page).


The bad news is, unfortunately

    what we have provided above is just the infinitesimal tip of the iceberg across the world wide web on Dorit,

    and, these articles were picked at random and do not reflect the worst of what we have observed about the pharma shill mill bully troll

But we feel that just this small amount of other opinions represents an iron-clad depiction of the ruse that UC Hastings is stealthily harboring behind their academic facade. Go to our contacts page and take a minute to express YOUR opinions to the school and Reiss cohorts

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, or proposals, you may either send us an email at jeb@vaccidemic.org or leave a comment at the bottom of this webpage.

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