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Comment on Lessons Learned from the #CDCwhistleblower saga… by Bodhisattva1 Mon, 01 Sep 2014 14:51:04 +0000 Very good article. Your summary of the various groups is pretty accurate. IMHO the good guys are far more in numbers than what’s revealed on the net. You’re a pro at commenting & tweeting on various sites and I’ve been at it for a number of years so you learn how to first insulate yourself from the rabid attacks of the pro-vaccine shrills like Dorit, Gorski, LieLady, Mike Stevens, Melody Butler, Nonation etc. One of the best approaches I’ve learned in dealing with the trolls is not to engage them in dialogue. The approach you suggest here is the way I’ve been handling them since the beginning of the year. It’s pointless to try and debate or reason with them because to them it’s about money. In comments to them I just state they are paid operatives of the pharmaceutical industry hired to proliferate distractions, confusion and lies. I think what they are doing has to be stated clearly so others who are just wading into this issue know what the signs are when they read posts by them and others who follow the same approach. Exposure is what they fear. When Dorit was exposed on Sharyl Attkissons’ site many jumped to her defense, which the person who exposed her ignored but Dorit’s response was to try and minimize it by saying she was a Strong Professional Vaccine Advocate and there was nothing wrong with that. She failed to mention that she was also a highly paid advocate.

I truly believe there is a silent majority of anti-vaxs, pro-choice, informed consent or safer vaccine seekers who follow the information that shows vaccines are dangerous, never prevented any disease and can kill and maim, but are too passive to voice an opinion on a blog. Especially if they think they are going to be viciously attacked by the likes of Dorit, Lielady and especially the heir to the throne notations whom many think is just another name for lielady. I regularly read comments by pharma paid Drs. who put their names on articles written by the CDC/pharma ghost writers stating the anti-vaccine movement is having an impact with well over 50% of parents now questioning their Drs about the safety of vaccine and are putting off the shots. This really confirmed it for me: Pediatrician PROPAGANDA: Establishment “script” to convince parents to vaccinate: The script states on page 14:

The State of Vaccination
• The anti‐vaccine movement is thriving.

If the pharmaceutical owned CDC & AAP have to create a “script” to manipulate parents into offering up their children on the altar of the vaccine evil empire-there is more opposition than the lame stream media is acknowledging.

Exposure is the way to go. Also, exposure of the groups who pay for the studies that Dorit & company frequently post as gospel. First thing I do is research the funding source. Next, I research the researchers-their university ties, their COI, are they government scientist such as the ones who did the study released by Rand Corp in July which stated there was no connection between autism and vaccines and that they are safe, what hospitals they are associated with, what professional organizations they belong to etc. If they have none of these-check out how much money their hospital receives from pharma using Dollars for Docs. If they have any of these ties than the study is bias and I post that on blogs. I have found social media sites are not these people’s best friends.

Hope some of this helps move forward the exposure of the biggest lie and hoax perpetuated upon humanity which will turn out to be regarded soon as crimes against humanity.

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FDA Vaccine Insert [on FDA's site] lists Autism as Adverse Reaction (since 2005)… | VACCIDEMIC

Comment on Vax Autoimmune Diseases by The Emerging Link Between Autoimmune Disorders and Neuropsychiatric Disease… | VACCIDEMIC Thu, 14 Aug 2014 18:18:57 +0000 […] Vax Autoimmune Diseases […]

Comment on Dorit Reiss by Bodhisattva1 Sat, 02 Aug 2014 14:32:41 +0000 Hey,
Dorit Reiss and her cohorts were all over the Sharyl Attkisson article “Where are the Autistic Amish” and Dorit was outed as being a troll. Her response and of course her pigpile was to defend her. Dorit’s response was particular “Freudian” in my opinion. She stated that she was a “STRONG PROFESSIONAL VACCINE ADVOCATE”. I looked at that and chuckle because if you take the first initial of each word in that deceleration S,P,V,A.


Her psyche has become so saturated with the lies & propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry in regards to vaccines, every thought she has reveals itself unconsciously as someone who now believes their own lies. I think that person would be called a sociopath.

-GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH: A grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Psychopaths are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.
-PATHOLOGICAL LYING — Can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest.
-CONNING AND MANIPULATIVENESS — The use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain; distinguished from pathological lying in the degree to which exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.
-LACK OF REMORSE OR GUILT — A lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, cold-hearted, and non-empathic. This item is usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.
-CALLOUSNESS and LACK OF EMPATHY — A lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless.
-GLIB and SUPERFICIAL CHARM — The tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Psychopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A psychopath never gets tongue-tied. They have freed themselves from the social conventions about taking turns in talking, for example.

I think she has reached the point where she can no longer distinguish between the truth and a lie. She feels no remorse which makes her ideal for what she’s doing.

Here’s an article to a study where Dorit would fit right in:
Online trolls are just “everyday sadists,” according to new paper:

Comment on Vax Contaminants by Mindanoiha Mon, 28 Jul 2014 09:08:37 +0000 For a true picture of what may be present in vaccines read this – and risk losing your appetite!

Comment on HPV vaccines: the worst scam ever… by Mindanoiha Sat, 26 Jul 2014 20:52:26 +0000 Questions to which neither the Gardasil manufacturer nor other promoters including health authorities and doctors are able to provide satisfactorily documented answers.

Whether Gardasil prevents cancer, necessity for boosters, increased risk of cancer due to ingredients, increased risk of cancer due to strains which are removed being replaced by more carcinogenic ones, increased risk of cancer due to aluminium bound recombinant HPV DNA, if vaccinated may donate blood without aluminium bound recombinant HPV DNA causing serious health consequences for recipients, autoimmune disorders due to the recombinant HPV DNA, if cervical cancer is caused by HPV or if there must be additional factor for this to occur, if HPV is necessarily an infection transmitted by sexual intercourse, genotoxicity, whether it targets the relevant virus strains in different demographics, whether the strains change in time, adverse events due to concomitant administration with other vaccines, true numbers of serious adverse events, long term serious side effects, results if a true placebo had been used in clinical trials, results of clinical trials if Merck had not used own exclusion criteria, blood clots with or without hormonal contraceptives, brain damage, consequences of “bridging” – extrapolation of study results from one group to another, infertility due to polysorbate, whether polysorbate is carcinogenic, health consequences due to the presence of the combination of polysorbate and l-histidine, aluminium safety, sodium borate toxicity, miscarriages, stillbirths, babies born with anomalies, whether Gardasil is excreted in human milk, whether some have a genetic predisposition to injected aluminium and may suffer serious adverse reactions, complete list of ingredients – and whether possible benefits outweigh the risks.

Comment on Dorit Reiss by Jeb Sun, 20 Jul 2014 20:14:12 +0000 Wow, impressive info, thanks so much for new cannon fodder. Just realized late yesterday this site was a mess with broken links, still learning, been cleaning it up. Thanks again!

Comment on Dorit Reiss by Bodhisattva1 Sun, 20 Jul 2014 16:25:08 +0000 Greetings:
Love the site and something like this is long overdue. I have watched over the last few years the movement against vaccines, forced mandatory vaccination, informed consent & Pro-Choice evolve from a passive group online to the now assertive group that is pushing back against the army of vaccine pro-pharma trolls and as you expose here their de-factor leader-Dorit Reiss. You identify “Every Child by Two” as one of the organizations financing Reiss but it goes much deeper. As you know paid organized pharma trolls never appear on a site alone, they always come in threes. These are the names of three of Dorit’s groupies: Melody Butler, lilady & Mike Stevens (not real sure about the last name). lilady is almost as abusive as Dorit. Some of the other names they blog under are: notions (very abusive) , Argus (condescending & has multiple accounts), James Etherington-Smith (probably one of Argus’s or lilady pseudonyms), manofredearth. There are more but these seems to stalk the pro information vaccine sites. I wrote a detailed comment to Melody Butler when she Dorit & mike tripled-tacted me in on a site. I exposed Dorit as a troll by asking this when the Katie Couric show on Gardasil was on TV how did see have the time to comment over 900 times on a sit working & raising a family? You have a comment from a parents who told her to back off but someone took it a bit further by tracking how many comments Reiss made. From Age of Autism site:

I was inspired by posts here and on recent articles to write a script to pull all the comments from the Katie Couric article. Here is a sampling of “unpaid” Dorit’s activities on that thread alone (times converted to PST, where her employer resides):

Nov 27th: 138 posts between 8:59am and 10:37pm
Nov 28th: 79 posts between 9:32am and 10:25pm
Nov 29th: 100 posts between 9:40am and 9:28pm
Nov 30th: 177 posts between 5:57am and 10:37pm
Dec 1st: 167 posts between 7:09am and 11:19pm
Dec 2nd: 66 posts between 6:13am and 9:36pm
Dec 3rd: 72 posts between 7:11am and 10:57pm

It tapers off after that, but as of mid-day Dec 21st, she had posted a total of 947 times on that article alone. For the time periods listed above, her postings were pretty evenly spread throughout the days.

For someone who “doesn’t get paid” to post, she certainly uses an immense amount of her employer’s time to spam and berate parents on just this article alone.

The fact that her most prolific days (Nov 30th and Dec 1st) were weekends, she may in fact no be getting paid. But in that case, I wonder what her employer would think about her use of paid time on their dime. If she is getting paid to post, someone deserves a refund, as she is simply terrible at producing convincing, much less coherent, arguments.

Posted by: XerxesOnXanax | December 22, 2013 at 11:02 PM

Dorit’s husband wrote his PHD dissertation on “bots”. There has been rumors for sometime that “bots’ were being explored by Bill Gates as a means to saturate the comment boards with pro-vaccine messages and they could also be used for rapid response to anti-vaxx messages. This technology has been developed: Dorit may be using this. I’m sure the vaccine industry would spare no expense for her. I posted this information and Dorit was quite annoyed.

Melody challenged me on my statement “A Shot of Prevention” was an industry paid for website and not run by basically soccer moms. So I sent her this in the comment section:

“Keep this question in mind as you read this. How can the public trust or believe anything you post in your comments and on the websites you so often refer to if you and the organizations you front for are so deceptive in their business practices. Melody, you are associated with “Voices for Vaccines. There is a picture of you floating the web with the organizations you are associated with and one is “Voices for Vaccines’. ”

“Shot of Prevention”, “Voices for Vaccine” and “Every Child by Two” are sister sites-siblings.

I often wonder why a non-profit organization would hide their identity. Researching “Shot of Prevention” domain some unusual listing appear. The domain is being serviced by “Whois” privacy service.

Domain ID: D156872707-LROR
Creation Date: 2009-08-13T21:40:00Z
Updated Date: 2013-10-17T00:36:51Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2019-08-13T21:40:00Z
Sponsoring Registrar:eNom, Inc. (R39-LROR)
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 48
WHOIS Server:
Referral URL:
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registrant ID:32828310ac72f3be
******Registrant Name:WhoisGuard Protected*****
Registrant Organization:WhoisGuard, Inc.
Registrant Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411
Registrant City:Panama

A little research revealed this:
Task Force for Global Health, the third largest charity in the United States bringing in about $1.66 billion a year, according to Forbes. The Task Force programs have an impact on global health in three sectors: Health System Strengthening, Immunizations and Vaccines, and Neglected Tropical Diseases. Each sector works collaboratively with other NGOs, government agencies, and private sector partners to help to the increase understanding of global health issues here in the United States and around the world.

Task Force is in a partnership called: Public Health Informatics Insitute with the CDC.

-Dr. Alan Hinman is Director for Programs in the Center for Vaccine Equity and is involved in a number of immunization projects, including the Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control, the Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction, and the Rabies Vaccine and Immune Globulin Emergency Stockpile. In addition, he serves on Scientific Advisory Board of Voices for Vaccines.The Task Force project, Voices For Vaccines, addresses questions about vaccines. He is also aTask Force director and Scientific Advisory Member. Other accomplishments:

***** He is on the Scientific Advisory board for Voices for Vaccines.*****
-He is director of Task Force Program Rabies Vaccine/Immune Globulin Emergency Stockpile (RaVaGES) which is funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals.
-He was a former Centers for Disease Control Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer.
-He was the Director of the Immunization Division at the Centers for Disease Control.
*****He is on the Scientific Advisory board for pro-vaccine organization Every Child by Two, with Dr. Paul Offit*****

-The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a financial contributor to several programs that the Task Force for Global Health operates. To be noted, William H. Foege, founder of Task Force for Global Health, serves as the Senior Medical Advisor for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

-Merck has partnered with the Task Force for Global Health for over 25 years. Through the Mectizan Donation Program, they have donated free pharmaceuticals to eliminate river blindness in third world countries, like Uganda.

The two connection to the pharmaceutical companies, The Task Force and the websites Every Child by Two, Voices for Vaccines and Shot of prevention are: Dr. Alan Hinman and Amy Pisani, who is co-editor of Shot of Prevention.

From: Every Child by Two website
Scientific Advisory Board
The ECBT Scientific Advisory Board is a panel of vaccine experts who provide the organization with their scientific and medical expertise in order to ensure that medically accurate information is provided to the public via ECBT’s many online sources.

*****Through the ECBT and companion Vaccinate Your Baby website, as well as the Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page and Shot of Prevention blog our team aims to reach an increasingly larger audience with messages about the importance of and the safety of vaccines. In providing such a large amount of information to the public via the Internet, we realize how important it is that we base our information on reputable, science-based, peer-reviewed sources such as medical studies and the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Questions received by the public are answered based on science and best practices. ECBT does not provide specific medical advice, however we rely on members of the Scientific Advisory Board to respond to a variety of questions from the public.

Below is the list of our Scientific Advisory Board members.

Julie Boom, MD
*Melody Butler, BSN, RN*
Margaret Fisher, MD
Gary Freed
*****Alan Hinman*****
Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco DNP, CPN, BSN
Gary Marshall, MD
Paul Offit, MD
Georges Peter, MD
Mark H. Sawyer, MD
William Schafner, MD
David Tayloe, MD

Staff With over 42 years of combined experience in the field of immunization, Every Child By Two’s staff are well respected in the immunization community, not only for their in depth amount of knowledge in the area of vaccines, but also for their passionate commitment to the cause of immunizations.

Amy Pisani, M.S. Executive Director More…
Rich Greenaway Director of Operations and Special Programs More…
Jennifer Zavolinsky, MHS, CHES Director of Outreach Initiatives More…

Voices For Vaccines:
Alan R. Hinman, MD, MPH, Director for Programs, Center for Vaccine Equity at the Task Force for Global Health

The one person that connects all three sites is Dr. Alan Hinman. It states outright on the ECBT webpage:

Through the ECBT and companion Vaccinate Your Baby website, as well as the Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page and Shot of Prevention blog our team aims to reach an increasingly larger audience.

Emory University works with or is under the umbrella of the Task Force. Some employees of the Task Force work for Emory:
Task Force’s IRS Tax Form 990.Page 49 of their 2011 document states, “The Task Force for Global Health Inc. is an affiliate of Emory University, and as such, all Task Force employees are in fact Emory University employees. For both the President and Executive Vice President, Emory University includes these positions in its annual market review of compensated professionals in these categories …

There has been a long standing relationship between Emory University and the CDC. Several CDC employees with direct connections:
-James W. Curran, MD, MPH: Dean and Professor of Epidemiology at Emory University, Former Researcher at Centers for Disease Control
-John B. Hardman, MD: Emory University Faculty
-Charles H. “Pete” McTier: Emory University Graduate and Former Administrator, Board Member Centers for Disease Control Foundation
-Mark L. Rosenberg, MD, MPP President and CEO: Emory University Faculty, CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
-Carol C. Walters, Treasurer & Founder: Former Executive Assistant to the Assistant Director of Centers for Disease Control
-William H. Foege, MD, MPH emeritus, Founder: Emory University Advisory Board Member and Faculty, Former Director for Centers for Disease Control
-Former US Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, PhD emeritus: Honorary Degree from Emory University, Former Director for Centers for Disease Control, Board Member for Centers for Disease Control Foundation

AT the very bottom of Voices For Vaccines ‘About’ page is their disclaimer…
Voices for Vaccines is an administrative project of the Task Force for Global Health, an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to Voices for Vaccines are tax-deductible.
-Big Pharma payouts to Emory University are not a secret. Emory University and some of their employees receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical companies. This certainly does not make their stance regarding vaccines a philosophical one. Theirs is backed with dollars. Go to ProPublica’s Docs for Dollars program and do a search for “Emory University.
Task Force also receives funds from the Gates Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Pfizer,Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and Wyeth.

With Dr. Hinman prominent role in all of the above it is inconceivable to believe that ECBT, Voices for Vaccines and Shot of Prevention aren’t benefiting from the relationship despite their About Us pages stating they are being run basically by soccer moms.

-Voices For Vaccines: Voices for Vaccines: 11 Facts Show How it’s a Propaganda Ploy for Emory University, CDC, and Big Pharma:

My approach to dealing with this group of trolls is to not respond to whatever comment they have made but to post their connections to big pharma and expose them. Because the one thing a troll can’t stand, is exposure. I hope you find this helpful.

Bodhisattva 1

Comment on Good Websites by Jeb Wed, 02 Jul 2014 15:33:39 +0000 Will do. Um, your email displays as dot com but your site is dot org? Done, welcome aboard…