Top Rated Products For Hair Loss

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will experience hair loss once you reach a certain age. Thankfully you can always treat hair loss with different products in the market. If you are looking for the best and top rated hair loss products, you are in the right place.

Keranique for women


Our first top rated anti-hair loss product is called Keranique, and it is a product specially made for a woman. Other than reducing the rate of hair loss, Keranique is also great in promoting hair growth in your head. Thus, we know that this FDA-approved product is good for increasing the volume of your hair. You will feel your hair fully thicker than before. In addition, you will have a healthier hair follicle and pores thanks to this fantastic product. What’s amazing about Keranique is that you get to try them first before you buy it. You can get a thirty-day risk-free trial period to see if you are suited for this product. Sadly the shampoo and conditioner of this product are not sold in one package. Thus, you have to buy them separately.

Nunutrients for men


Nunutrients is simply one of the best anti-hair loss products for men that are out there. You can always trust it especially knowing that it was voted by many consumers as the number one product two years in a row in two thousand thirteen and fourteen. What it do is that it heals your roots and your hair follicle in order to make it healthier. In doing so, it is reducing the chance of the hair to fall. At the same time, Nunutrients is also known to promote hair growth.

The ingredients within the formula include biochanin and different kinds of proteins. If you are interested in buying the product, you can always head out to Amazon or their official site to purchase it. As of now, you can get this fantastic product just by paying around fifty dollars per bottle.

Lipogaine anti-hair loss for women


Our next product is an anti-hair loss product for females named Lipogaine. Unlike the previous products, Lipogaine does not come in a form of shampoo. Instead, it is a topical product in which you have to apply and massage it into your scalp on a daily basis. It is usually needed to be used every morning and evening. The main ingredients that you can find in here are minoxidil, niacin, and also other natural herbal ingredients. Just by paying for around twenty dollars, you can have this fantastic product right now.

Rogaine for men


And finally, we have this amazing anti-hair loss product for men called Rogaine. It is one of the most common anti-hair loss products because it has been endorsed by medical experts. And with a price just around thirty-eight dollars, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on it. Just like the previous products, it functions as a hair growth trigger by healing the hair loss issues from the root. It is also good at stopping hair loss by repairing the hair follicle. Not only it is useful, but it is also very easy to use. In order to use it, you just need to apply the product in your hair twice per day.

How To Last Lomger And Stop Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Today’s problem is from men who want to know why you can only last for ten minutes before ejaculation. So premature ejaculation or PE is one of the most common sexual problems in men. Men who suffer from PE tend to climax in under three minutes with most normal man lasting between seven and a half minutes to twenty minutes. So the 10-minute mark is perfectly average.

There is a whole host of reasons why men suffer from premature ejaculation including lower sex drive, performance anxiety, and early-stage experiences such as having to masturbate quickly for fear of getting caught.

Talking about your anxieties and learning to recognize when the point of no return is can help you deal with PE. If, however, you’ve tried talking it through and nothing’s changed, then there are few other things you could try. A quick Google of the Masters-Johnson technique will show you a method of premature ejaculation control that’s proven to be very effective. It involves bringing yourself almost to the point of orgasm before stopping until you partially lose your erection and then starting over. Now this does take time and patience, but it has proven to be a great way of combating premature ejaculation.

There’s also a plethora of delay sprays and creams that you could try. All packed with desensitizing ingredients to help you last longer in bed. They vary in price with some costing; it’s fantastic value if it saves your sex life.

Sometimes – it’s like if you were caught masturbating as a child or you shared a room with someone, you had to always masturbate quickly to cum, you could be in the habit of trying to rush to an orgasm. And you could be seeing sex as a way to an orgasm instead of seeing sex as a pleasurable experience, as a dance between two people where you can discover like so many different things.

I would also suggest starting with a little bit of sex and then take breaks, like if you’re close to cumming, stop thrusting. Learn your arousal levels and when you get above a seven stop. Do some things to her and stay a lot more focused on her pleasure than just your own. And see if you can start on making your sex sessions last longer or have the woman come first, always, guys, the woman should always come first. If you’re hooking up with the woman, if I hook up with the guy and I don’t come first, I’m never going to hook up with that guy again. That is for sure. I need to come, and I need to come first, and he needs to go down on me.

I’m just like seeing guys, I don’t really care, but when I am choosing a guy, I need to come first, and he needs to turn me on, make it all about me, or I’m out. He’s never coming back again.

I’m sharing that because you’re just having sex with someone is going to like please you, like I do that with men often, that’s something else, but if you want to impress a girl, you got to go down on her good, if she likes that. And you have to make her come first and make it all about her. And believe me, the woman is always going to make it all about you unless she’s some selfish little bitch. Which I think we’re not, we like to please guys.

The Importance Of Healthy Sperm

The Crisis in Sperm Health

Are you aware of the massive impact unhealthy sperm may be having on your ability to conceive? Let me give you some facts about male infertility that honestly just blow me away. Statistics show that at least forty percent of infertile couples there is a male factor contributing to the challenge of conceiving. And over the past fifty years, researchers confirmed a huge reduction around fifty percent in male average sperm count, which means that the quantity of sperm has actually decreased massively. And in that same time frame, the number of sperm carrying some form of abnormalities has become twelve times greater. I think it is really also so important to mention that poor sperm quality is a major factor in increasing miscarriage rates and development of problems in babies.

Toxins and Sperm

Toxins and sperm are not friends. Toxins also significantly affect fertility in men and the health of their sperm. Guys that have been exposed to toxins have more chances to have low sperm count than those who never had contact with chemicals. It is also vital to mention that poor sperm quality can be a major factor in increasing miscarriage rates and the development of problems in babies. For these reasons, it is considered extremely important to remove toxins toward the man’s body in preparation for pregnancy and giving optimal sperm health. It is vital for men to embark on fertility detoxification before conception, to provide the healthier sperm possible for successful and full-term pregnancy.

Fertility detoxification is a gentle process designed to ensure optimal nutritional status, remove stored toxins and encourage the development of healthy reproductive tissue. Research in a case that preconception cleansing programs can contribute to the optimal sperm and a reduction in miscarriage. Let’s look at what you can do right now to improve your sperm health and increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

Sperm Health and Male Infertility

Male infertility is no joke. It is a problem that does not get very much press. Even though the rate of male fertility has fallen by over thirty percent between just 1999 and 2005. And worse than that the percentages of sperm with serious deformities has risen by over thirty percent in the same time.

The testicles need to be 35 or  36 degrees Celsius; that is about 96 degrees Fahrenheit. And that is at least one or two degrees cooler than body temperature. Simple choices like tight pants, long saunas, or heat from for machinery can all contribute to sperm damage. So if you are serious about having children that are healthy, children that can have healthy children of their own, children that can outlive you, then you need to get your sperm sorted out. Luckily, it is not too hard to get it all turned around. In as little as three months you can have fresh, undamaged sperm that will make strong, healthy children.

How to Choose a Penis Enlargement Treatment

We realize that there are many penis enlargement treatments out there. And this can be confusing, even overwhelming, for people who are new to this stuff. The question is, how should you choose a penis enlargement treatment? Our answer is this: do a simple cost-benefit analysis. Is the treatment brings you an advantage? What kind of disadvantage will you get from the said treatment? Then, compare the two. Is it worth to do the treatment? If so, then do it. If not, you know what to do.

Don’t worry. To help you do that, we will give you the overview of penis enlargement treatments.

Food or supplements

Do food or supplements influence penis growth and increase its size? Unfortunately, there is no definite conclusion that says so. Neither influence penis growth and size. What they do is increase the blood flow to the penis and cause a bit harder erections. It gives the illusion of increased penis size. However, the effect is not only minimal but also not permanent as well. Even worse, they can also contain dangerous ingredients, which can cause health problems.

In short, penis enlargement pills bring a little to no advantage with many disadvantages.


Surgery does increase penis size. There is a but, though. But, it has always been associated with risks. For instance, anesthesia, pain from scars, wound healing deficits or, in worst case scenario, a deformed penis or permanent erectile issues. Of course, surgery is useful, but we think it as a last resort. For men with a micropenis, often it is the only solution. If you, however, have just a little bit below average penis size, the advantages may not be that much if you put the disadvantages into consideration. Other than the risks, it is also the most expensive penis enlargement treatment as well.

If you have a micropenis, the advantages of surgery may outweigh the disadvantages. If you have just a bit below average size, the opposite is true.


Penis extender works by applying pure science. Do you know how workout works? Yes, penis extender/pump works by using the same principle. It creates micro tears, which then rebuild with a lot more tissue. Thus, resulting in an increase in length and girth of the penis. On the one hand, these devices may bring results, but on the contrary, they also can cause problems as well. First, if not used correctly, it can cause problems. From damaged penis to outright inability to get and maintain an erection. Secondly, using them is known to be uncomfortable.

But if you look closed at Phallosan Forte penis stretcher, you will see that this product is totally different from others. It’s comfortable, it cannot cause any damage to your penis, it’s easy to use and you can benefit from its usage during the first weeks. Bigger penis, harder erections and better self confidence. What’s the most important – you get permanent gains. You can enlarge your penis by one-four inches, but it’s also recommended to make penis enlargement exercises for better and faster results. Here’s the list of top rated penis extenders, you can choose an appropriate device for yourself from the list of best rated products


Last but not least, penis enlargement exercises. By far, this is the safest treatment that can enlarge your penis. Again, however, provided that it is done properly. The advantages of penis enlargement exercises are that it is safe, it costs little to no money (after all, you just need your hands) and do bring results. On the other hand, it also has disadvantages as well. First, it will take a lot of time to do. Second, it takes consistency, dedication, and willpower to stick to your exercises regimen.

How To Improve Female Libido

If you have a low libido and sexual desire, if you don’t want to have sex with your partner and you are interested in how you can improve your sexual life, then this article is right  for you.

Well, this is becoming more of a common problem. I see women all the time I practice who are suffering from poor libido that is interfering with their private lives. Well, many people believe these challenges are just part of aging, but lately, even young women are reporting issues of bad libido or low libido. And guess what? Bad habits like smoking, drinking, environmental poisons, anxiety, and stress – they all screw up your hormone balance.

I had one patient who came to me recently, she is post-menopausal, and she was consuming lots of sugar, and she gained weight, and she had low libido. I told her to eat whole foods good fat low sugar carb diet and gave her some vaginal estrogen, a few drops of testosterone in the right place every night and she was very happy. And I know it works because I keep getting calls for refills of the testosterone drops from all my patients.

Eliminate sugar intake

Do you know that sugar is the main thing that causes hormonal imbalance? And sugar in all its forms like flour products because they raise insulin. Once you understand how insulin can impact your other hormones you begin to connect the dots about how superfluous sugar can lower your libido. First of all, sugar decreases the level of testosterone in men and then changes its metabolism in females. This hormone isn’t just a male hormone. Imbalanced levels of this hormone in women can lower libido.

We also know that sugar rises stress level and it decreases energy. Now feeling energized and relaxed, guess what? It is the key to a good sexual life. So bottom line removes all the refined, processed sugars and all the carbs. This includes sugar drinks like sodas and fruit juice, baked goods, pasta, bread.

Review your medications

Next, review pills that you are taking. Often the side effects of drugs like anti-depressants and birth control pills, guess what, they cause poor sexual desire. Contraceptives have been shown to decrease testosterone which we know is necessary for your sex drive. Also, these medications can cause damage to your gut causing a whole set of inflammatory responses and a whole list of challenges which cause more hormone imbalances. If possible, I recommending working with your doctor to find a better way of treating these problems.

You also might want to take supplements to support your sex hormones like Maca which can actually boost libido; fish oil which lowers inflammation and supports healthy hormones; and a good multivitamin – the magnesium which can help with stress and energy, so as for iron and Zinc which many people are low in them.

Change your diet

And you also want to heal any gut dysfunction. Antibiotics and other meds as well as a diet – heavy and processed foods – are harmful to your gut and they make it hard to produce serotonin. By the way, did you know most of the serotonin in your body comes from your gut, not your brain. So clear any bad bugs in your gut by eating whole foods, by avoiding antibiotics, by taking probiotics.

Now when it comes to the diet you want to eat foods and support your hormones, you want a low glycemic or low sugar diet that’s plenty of leafy greens, like collards, kale, cruciferous veggies and lots of good fats like fatty fish, nuts and seeds, avocados, coconut oil.

You also want to remove artificial sugars which can actually increase your risk of diabetes and obesity.

Remove environmental toxins

Next, you don’t want to be exposed to toxins. It is your endocrine disruptors, plastics, chemicals in our cleaning products that are used for cleaning our house, our paints, our cosmetics, all these things damage your body. Things like LED and BPA, and phthalates, parabens you put on sunblock all that stuff it messes up your hormones.

Living clean and green by buying natural products when it comes to cosmetics and domestic products is really an important part of balancing your hormones.

Finally, focus on the lifestyle changes. Stress really kills your libido. So it’s important to unwind and find relaxation methods that really work for you: massage, meditation, yoga – all these are great practices. There’s also important to getting adequate sleep, 7-8 hours of deep sleep every night it’s critical. Also can off the electronics because they disrupt your sleep, the bedroom should be for sleep and romance or sex only.

Also, exercise and movement are really important, and people don’t do enough of them. Find something you enjoy to do and getting pleasure, enjoy your life with your partner it’s really important for connecting intimately.

Also find ways to improve joy throughout the day like dance, music whatever you like -these are all great ways to bump up your happiness and your sex drive.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options


Erectile dysfunction or otherwise known as impotence is when men realize that they are unable to get a natural erection through normal stimulation. Sometimes it is temporary, but as it becomes more permanent and the problem becomes more obvious to the man, then they often do need to pick up the courage to accept that they need to go and see a family doctor and discuss the treatment options.

Treatment options that will be offered to men generally would start with just a medical assessment to make sure that we’re not missing some other condition that might be instead of erectile dysfunction.

Generally, though once those issues are resolved men will usually try what’s called an oral erectogenic drug. What that means is that the tablet that can give him an erection. The three tablets in the market currently are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. They all work in a similar way. Some have different side effects in different people, but generally, you would try at least one or two different brands for at least three or four different doses before you decide that the drugs don’t work for you.

People tend to be afraid because of early reports of cardiac death or heart deaths with these medications. The man who assessed by the GP and deemed be safe to try these drugs will be able to try them and generally it’s very safe.

There are some minor side effects that people may notice. They include a headache, which is unusual but can occur and put a man of using the medication. Sometimes blocked nose or nasal congestion can be a problem. And very rarely also a discoloration in the vision. But as the tablet ways of those issues tend to settle down.

The drugs generally work in about 60 to 70 percent of men who try them. They best work in men who are getting a soft erection, who just need to firm it up a little bit. But the man who perhaps is not having an erection for over five years is unlikely to respond to the tablets.

The other treatments that we try include a vacuum erection device and that’s where the device is placed over the penis and vacuum is created within the device to suck the penis into the device. That can happen either by manual pump or electronic pump. Once the penis is full through the vacuum, a firm ring is placed onto the base of the penis to keep an erection held.

Another treatment that we could try would be called penile injection therapy. That’s where we teach you much like a diabetic needs to inject themselves with insulin; we teach you to inject the penis with a small amount of the drug that will cause a natural erection. It does take about 10-15 minutes for the erection to come through and then it’s quite a reliable erection.

The injection therapy tends to work well, but some men just can’t bring themselves to put a needle into the penis, and that’s just a fact of life. We did discuss it with them, but I think if a man feels he’s unable to do that then that’s a reason why we should not pursue it.

The final option would be reconstructive surgery where we surgically implant inflatable device which is fairly advanced technology into the penis to emulate or realistically form an erection. The device is pumped through a small device in the scrotum which the man can manipulate. Fluid is transferred from a collection bag inside, which is hidden well away from you and the one you cannot feel, through the pump into the penis. It’s very reliable in the sense that you are able to pump it up within five or ten pumps and you have an erection within about 10 seconds. That brings back the spontaneity. When you completed, you just deflate the pump, and the penis goes down.

Satisfaction rates vary depending on different service, but generally penile implant surgery is very well received by a man and his partner who are comfortable with the idea of penile implant surgery. Over ninety percent of people say they would have happily had the surgery once again.

The most important things than any man who realizes that his erections are starting to fail and more importantly causing him a personal grief that man does not have to suffer in silence. He needs to pick up the courage to go and see his GP who is usually very accepting of the fact that he may have erectile dysfunction and is used to dealing with those types of issues. That man will at least try some tablets. If they don’t work they may often need to be referred to a urologist – that’s a specialist to deal with these types of problems. And it’s important that the man sees a urologist who deals with penile reconstructive surgery and more importantly implant surgery.  That urologist is best equipped to discuss the issues with men. The most important thing I think for any men is not to suffer in silence when this issue occurs.